This season we're going to be trying a new News & Notes format. Instead of the weekly column (which we all know was more of a "non-column" last season), I'll be doing more of a blog-type column. That is, whenever the mood strikes, be it stats night on Monday, the middle of a West Coast game on Wednesday night, or maybe even a Friday morning before I leave for work, I'll come here and post entries. Sometimes it will be a paragraph or two, sometimes longer.

I'll make sure I put a date on everything so you can easily tell what's new from what you may have already read. So feel free to come to this page often, or continue checking in once a week as the stats update, to check out and catch up on the latest entries in what I hope to be a season long blog.

If anyone else has anything to contribute, I'll be more than happy to post it here, with all credit given to the author of course. And if we get one of our infamous 20+ reply e-mail threads going, I may also opt to copy that into this space as well so it's saved for all posterity.

October 2nd, 2007

To the victors go the spoils! So Doug, here are your "spoils" in the form of a commemorative Sports Illustrated cover. Please share with the other victors, namely Zambrano and Martinez. As for the rest of us? Well Doug says "let them eat cake!". Hey donuts are a cake, right? Mmmm, donuts!..

Thank you all for another great season, see everyone in late March at Don's Draft Den for the 2008 Draft. 'til next season...

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