Enter your picks for this week's race

INSTRUCTIONS: Make your driver choices by clicking on the arrows in each box and selecting from the list of choices that pop up. Type your name, e-mail address and number of lead lap cars tiebreaker in the spaces provided. Use the "Anything else you need to tell Merg?" box for anything else you need to communicate that's not covered here. For example, maybe you couldn't find a driver in the list and want to pick him or you have a question about a rule or anything else that might be important when submitting your picks.

If you need to start over just hit the "Reset Choices" button down there at the bottom and all fields will clear out. When you are done with your selections ensure all spots are filled in and click the "Make Your Picks" button, also down there at the bottom of the screen. Your picks will be posted and picked up by Merg and an e-mail confirmation of your selections will be sent to the e-mail address you specified in the form.

PLEASE NOTE:Your picks will post quickly once submitted but keep in mind that all picks must be in to Merg BEFORE THE RACE BEGINS to be eligible for that week's race. This form will remain open and useable even after the race starts but any picks that arrive after the race starts will not be counted for that week. If you want to change your picks after submitting them once and it's prior to race time, simply fill the form out again with your new choices and send it again. Merg will count the last set of pick he receives prior to the race start to be your official entry for the week.

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