Official Rules Of The “All My Rowdy Friends” Fantasy Football League


The Team

·      Each team consists of 12 players broken up by position and acquired in The Draft as follows:

                2 Quarterbacks

                3 Running Backs

                4 Receivers (either Wide Receivers, Tight Ends, or a combination of both)

                2 Kickers

1 Defensive/Special Team


·         Note that the Defensive/Special Team is an actual team (i.e. Raiders) and you receive points for any defensive or special teams scores by that team and also receive points based on the number of points allowed by that team.


The League

·      The league will consist of 14 teams broken up into 3 divisions. Two divisions of 5 teams each and one division of 4 teams. Teams will be separated into divisions by geographic regions as determined prior to Draft Day, in order to maximize natural rivalries.

·      Teams will play 17 games each, following the schedule drawn up before Draft Day.


The Draft

·      The Draft will consist of 12 rounds with teams randomly picking prior to The Draft for selection order

·      Round 1 will go from Team 1 through Team 14 then Round 2 will begin with Team 14 and reversing sequentially back to Team 1, continuing in this snake-like fashion with all the odd rounds going 1 through 14 and all the even rounds going 14 through 1

·      You may pick any player / position at any time provided you don’t pick a player already taken and don’t exceed the maximum number of players per position.

·      A player can be used at any position at which he played last year. This usually only applies to some RB/WR/TE scenarios but in some rare cases, like the early Kordell Stewart years, QB’s as well.


Scoring and Seasonal Play

·      Each week you play a different team according to The Schedule. The winner of each game receives 3 dollars, all ties are split $1.50 per team, see The Prize Fund for further information

·      A team’s score consists of the total points scored by ALL 12 players (counting the defensive/special teams as a "player" here) on the roster for that week, according to the following system:


Rushing TD 1 – 44 yards

  6 points for the runner

Rushing TD 45+ yards

12 points for the runner

Passing TD 1- 29 yards

  3 points for the thrower


  3 points for the receiver

Passing TD 30-44 yards

  3 points for the thrower


  6 points for the receiver

Passing TD 45+ yards              

  6 points for the thrower


  6 points for the receiver


  3 points per FG 1 – 49 yards


  6 points per FG 50+ yards


  1 point per Extra Point

2 point conversion

  2 points for the runner if rushed in


  1 point for the passer if passed in


  1 point for the receiver if passed in

Defensive TD (fumble recovery, interception return, block punt recovered for TD, etc)

  6 points for the defensive scoring team


  2 points for the defensive team

Special Teams TD (kickoff return TD, punt return TD, fake field goal, fake punt, etc)

  6 points for the scoring team


  6 points for the individual player(s)

Points Allowed by Team Defense

  6 points if 0 points allowed


  3 points if 1 – 6 points allowed


  1 point if 7 – 9 points allowed



Scoring Notes

·      Keep in mind that a running back can throw or catch a TD, a receiver or quarterback can rush for a TD, etc.

·      Fumble recoveries for TD’s on offense count 6 points for the recovering player NOT the defensive/special team

·      Note that all rushing and passing TD’s 45 yards and over, as well as TD receptions of 30 yards and over, are worth DOUBLE POINTS EXCEPT KICK RETURNS, which by their nature are almost always over 45 yards, AND DEFENSIVE SCORES, a good percentage of which are of the "long" variety, and thus would skew the scoring inproportionately

·      Also note that all field goals 50 yards and over are worth DOUBLE POINTS, or 6 in this case

·      Any 2 point conversions off of fake extra point attempts will count for the individual players involved, NOT the special teams as I am anticipating this being too hard to keep track of without actually watching all the games

·      A player may score "twice" on the same play, as an individual player on a roster AND as a special teams player. For example, Brian Mitchell running back a punt for a TD, the team who has him as a RB gets 6 points as well as the team that has the Eagles as a defensive/special team. Keep in mind that the "player scoring twice" rule may apply in other bizarre scoring circumstances as well.

·      Any touchdown that results from a pass completion, than a lateral by the receiver to a third player, who then scores the TD shall be counted as a rushing TD for the player who receives the final lateral unless the official scoring states a TD pass has occurred (for example, Peyton Manning 30 pass to Edgerrin James, even though James may have received a “hook and ladder” lateral from Marvin Harrison) . In that case the passer/receiver combo listed on the scoring detail line of the box score will receive the appropriate points.

·      We’ll use the box scores that appear in USA Today on Monday and Tuesday (for the Monday night game) as our “official” scoring for resolving all scoring disputes.

·      The Deion Rule is now a permanent rule.  Should any player decide to play on both offense and defense (Champ Bailey, Charles Woodson, et al) and someone drafts/adds that player into their offensive position (usually WR), ALL TD’s whether offensive, defensive or kick returns count for that player individually (in addition to the defensive and kick return ones counting for whoever has the player’s team as well)

·      The team scoring the most points in the league each week will win an additional 1 dollar. Should more than one team tie, the dollar will be split evenly among all tied teams unless some arrangement is worked out among the owners (i.e. play for it the next week with the highest scoring team getting the whole dollar, or donating it to their favorite charity)

·      Other end of season scoring prizes will be given out as well according to The Prize Fund, published before Draft Day


End of Season Awards

·      The League Champion will be determined by the best won/lost record for the season with all ties for positions being broken by the Tiebreakers rules set out below.

·      All prizes will be paid out according to the League Prize Fund, published before Draft Day, after all money owed to the league is paid by the owners



·      All ties for position will be broken according to the following criteria:


    1) Best Overall Winning Percentage, ties count as 1/2 a win and 1/2 a loss

                2) Total Accumulated Points Scored for the WHOLE YEAR

                3) Head - to - Head record

                4) Point differential (points for less points against)

                5) Best single week score

    6) Coin flip, or in the case of end of season awards, money is split


·      Should more than one team tie for a position, then the "head to head" tiebreaker will not be used unless one team has "swept" the others.

·      Once one tie has been resolved, should others still occur (i.e. a three way tie resolves into a two) then begin again with the first tie breaker and proceeding until tie is broken



Player Transactions

·      There will be NO TRADING allowed (sorry guys, it’s too much to keep track of and too easy to abuse and throw off the league balance)

·      If a player on your team gets injured, cut, benched, suspended, has a bye week, or just plain sucks you can replace him at any time with a player from the Free Agent Pool. All rosters are frozen on Wednesday night at 8PM for games on the upcoming weekend. That is you must make a transaction by Wednesday for that player to count for the next weekend’s games. If one of your players gets injured on a Thursday, it’s too late, you’re stuck with him for the upcoming week.

·      There will be no reserving of players. Any player dropped is put back into the Free Agent Pool and will not be available until the following week. So if someone drops a RB, say Jerome Bettis in Week 2, no one else can pick him up until the following week, thereby ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity at all available free agents.

·      An exception to the “free agents are not immediately available” rule stated above will be made at the QB and Kicker positions since there may be a need to "recycle" free agents among teams if more than the currently outstanding number of free agents at that position are needed. Any QB’s or K’s dropped by one team may be picked up by another team in the same week if so desired.  Please contact the league office on Wednesday to see who’s available if the need arises.

·      All transactions cost either 1 or 2 dollars. A $1.00 charge is for replacing players who are "definitely injured" and will not dress for the next game, as determined by an "OUT" or “DOUBTFUL” status in the weekly injury report. A $2.00 fee will be applied for any "non injury" related moves such as replacing a “QUESTIONABLE” or “PROBABLE” player, a player with a bye week or dropping an ineffective player. All transaction fees collected will be factored into the League Prize Fund as percentages.

·      Should two teams wish to claim the same player from the Free Agent Pool in the same week, the team with the lowest current position in the overall standings shall be awarded the player.

·      If any of your Draft Day picks get cut before Opening Day you will be allowed to replace them, at no additional charge, with an available free agent on a "first come, first served" basis

·      If you draft a QB or Kicker who gets "benched" before Opening Day you may replace him at no additional charge with a free agent of your choosing, also on a "first come, first served" basis or you can do nothing and automatically receive his backup/replacement on Opening Day (as determined by whoever starts the game or attempts the first XP or FG). This special rule only applies to QB’s and Kickers, NOT running backs or receivers. Keep in mind also that this only applies to QB’s who assume backup roles and kickers who are cut or deemed "kickoff specialists" BEFORE Opening Day. Anyone gets benched after Week 1, the usual transaction rules apply.



The “Lower Team In The Standings Rule”

Should two teams wish to claim the same player from the Free Agent Pool in the same week, the team with the lowest current position in the overall standings shall be awarded the player. 


·         Under this rule each team will be allowed to acquire only one player at a time.  By that I mean the last place team in the standings can not claim five players in a week and expect to get them all by virtue of this rule.  That would make it virtually impossible for the higher teams to get anyone at all. 

·         Whenever a team sends in a transaction involving a player from the Free Agent Pool be sure to include a couple of alternate selections as well in case you get “bumped” by teams lower than you in the standings.  When making multiple transactions in a given week be sure to state the “priority” of each as well as this will also determine whom you get should another team, or teams, claim the same player.  If a priority is not explicitly stated for a set of transactions, I will assume that the priority of your selections is the order in which they have been received/listed.

·         All players claimed during a particular week will be allocated one at a time starting with the lowest claiming team getting it’s first choice, then the second lowest team getting their highest available choice and so on until each team requesting a new player has one.  If extra “rounds” become necessary to fill teams’ multiple claims, the lowest team still needing a player will get it’s next highest available claim and so on until everyone’s roster is complete once again.

·         Injury and performance transactions carry the same weight.  A team needing to replace an injured player will be given no preference, other than standings rank, over a team wishing to replace an ineffective player.

·         If due to “bumping” or a lack of alternates a team does not have another choice available The Commissioner will do everything in his power to attempt to contact that team and obtain another choice.  Should the inability to contact the team (owner is currently on Safari in The Congo) cause an inadequate delay in the distribution of the remaining players, or “spill over” into the start of a new transaction period (i.e. Thursday), that team will be forced to keep that player until the next transaction period begins (i.e. the following week).

·         If two teams that are tied in the standings request the same player in a given week the tie shall be broken by the tie breaking criteria set forth in these rules.

·         The previous week’s standings, the one’s posted on the league website before stats are calculated, will always be used to determine standings placement as all transactions are allocated prior to the calculating of the current week’s stats.  For priority for Week Two transactions (the Wednesday before Week Two games), when there will be Week One stats being calculated but no “last week’s standings” available, we’ll use reverse order of drafting.  For example, the person drafting 14th will have priority over the person drafting 6th if they both want the same player going into Week Two. 


Free Agent Pool

·      The Free Agent Pool is defined as any players currently on an NFL roster, an NFL practice squad, players holding out in contract negotiations, players on the Injured List, or unsigned free agents that are not a part of any fantasy team’s active roster or reserve list.  Basically anybody you can think of, including the likes of Lawrence Phillips and Barry Sanders.



·      At such times that it becomes necessary to make a rules interpretation The Commissioner’s word will be FINAL.  Of course, after rendering such finality, The Commissioner is open to all impeachment proceedings and other acts of subjugation that may undercut his authority.  So in the interest of fairness (not to mention keeping my body intact), The Commissioner reserves the right to form a Committee to handle any disputes that may arise.  The Committee will then take a vote, with the majority ruling becoming law.  The Committee, should it be used, shall consist of The Commissioner and all other readily available league owners who are not currently involved in the dispute at hand and would care to vote on it.  In the event of a tie vote, The Commissioner will have the final say. 


Season to Season

·      The “All My Rowdy Friends” Fantasy Football League shall not be a “keeper” league.  That is all players will be thrown back into the free agent pool at the end of the season and be available for drafting by all teams the following season.


Amendments To The Official Rules

·      Any changes to these rules must be made by a majority vote of all active members of The “All My Rowdy Friends” Fantasy Football League at the time the amendment is proposed, preferably in the off season or immediately preceding the Draft.  In no way, shape or form shall The Commissioner have any weight in this vote.  One more than half will make it a rule.  So sayeth the Shepherd…


A Few Draft Day Guidelines

·      Until further notice, the “All My Rowdy Friends” Fantasy Football League Draft will be rotated amongst the homes of all league owners who are willing to allow such a group of ruffians to take over their living room for an entire Saturday afternoon.  Anyone wishing to host such a momentous event can contact the league office for scheduling information.

·      The Draft will be held no later than the first Saturday prior to the start of the NFL season.  All efforts will be made to choose a day prior to the opening of the season that is amenable to all league owners but if no date can be agreed upon than the Saturday prior to the start of the season shall be deemed Draft Day. 

·      It is not necessary to be present to draft your team although it is highly advisable. The chat room at The Commish’s Office web site ( may be used for remote drafting and you may deem anyone you choose to draft your team for you in your absence.  Just be careful whom you choose!



·      Stats are published every week, usually compiled on Wednesday night and then posted to the league’s web site by Thursday morning.

·      The Official League Website, The Commish’s Office, can be found on the World Wide Web at and contains up to date stats on the league, owner e-mail addresses (dissing through e-mail is greatly encouraged!) as well as other sports related items for your browsing and research convenience (how’s that for a plug!)

·                Remember, we’re doing this to bring some fun into our otherwise mundane lives! Fun is what counts! The money just isn’t good enough to lose friends over...

·      Good luck and enjoy the season!